Cheryl Cole Hot Photos Revies

Cheryl Cole's journey from aspiring pop star to svelte X Factor judge has made her a fashion icon for millions of women.

So the decision by the slim singer to invest £36,000 on a 'wind tunnel' exercise bike will certainly raise eyebrows.

The Girls Aloud star, who weighs only seven and a half stone, is believed to have bought the contraption after seeing pictures of lithe rival judge Dannii Minogue on a beach.

Cole served as a judge for three seasons on the UK version of ‘The X Factor’ with Cowell, who hinted late last month that the singer would be joining him again. The fourth judge to appear on the panel as yet to be announced, but it’s rumored that Cowell’s ‘American Idol’ former co-judge is being considered for the job.

Cole was chosen to be a judge on the upcoming FOX series in part because she’s a multi-platinum-selling solo artist. She is also a member of Girls Aloud, one of the UK’s most successful female vocal groups of all time.
After the announcement was made that Cole is going to be a judge, Cowell released a statement saying “I’m thrilled for (Cheryl). She is massively excited about this show, and has been fantastic to work with.” He added that she can spot talent.
Cheryl Cole changed her unhealthy weight loss diet plan dramatically after getting malaria. The Girls Aloud singer is no longer skipping meals in her diet plan and she’s successfully given up smoking. She’s now following a protein-rich weight loss diet plan and is focusing more on eating and living healthi
Singer Cheryl Cole has signed onto be the third judge in the upcoming American version of ‘The X Factor,’ TVLine is reporting. She will be joining record executive and producer Antonio “L.A.” Reid and Simon Cowell, who will also be executive producing the talent show.

cheryl coleDeclared the sexiest woman in the world two times in a row, Cheryl Cole has a worth admiring silhouette that is certainly desired by many women. Tabloids all over the world have tried to uncover the secret behind the diva ’s amazing body at numerous points in time tracking her every move in an attempt to uncover the things that help her get a silhouette many women only dream of.

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