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So here are today's Angelina Jolie adoption betting odds – for Nigeria and Mexico – with help from Paddy Power…

Nigeria – Do a quick online search for Nigeria and you'll be in for a grim ride. Muslim students killing their teacher. Kidnapped foreign workers. Capital punishment. Looting. Widespread corruption. Poverty. These are things that happen every day in Nigeria, so you'd think that Angelina Jolie would be champing at the bit to rush over there and adopt a baby. We're not so sure though. Madonna's really done the whole 'African adoption' thing to death lately and, anyway, isn't Nigeria a bit – you know – obvious? Angelina Jolie likes to be different and cool, and maybe there's a suffering African country that's like Nigeria but a bit more – you know – boutique. Angelina Jolie would probably prefer to adopt someone from there. Current Angelina Jolie adoption betting odds – 10/1

Mexico – Now, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are famed for travelling the world, playing their magical flute to lure children out of caves and then stuffing them into a bag and adopting them. But sometimes you can just imagine that Angelina Jolie gets really tired of globetrotting. "Go to Vietnam to adopt a child?" we can imagine Angelina wailing into her clenched fists, "But Vietnam is effing MILES away!" Perhaps if this happens – Angelina Jolie feels the need to adopt a foreign baby by just feels a bit lazy generally – she could nip down to Mexico and grab a child there. It's not far to travel and, if Angelina has a net with a ling enough handle, she wouldn't even need to leave America.
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