Confessions of a Shopaholic

I just finished to read this book and I simply love it!

I've already seen the movie, but I was curious about the book (as you all know, the books are always better).

Now that I finished the first one, I'm excited to read the other ones (I think that are five books).
Oh and the writer Sophie Kinsella it's great and the writing is very light and at the same time very absorving because you wanna know what it's going to happened in the next chapter.

And Isla Fisher was amazing in the film and now I can imagine all the hillarious scenes that I'm reading! It's amazing! :)

Oh...and yesterday when I bought my camera and the tickets to go to Coldplay's concert in July, I remenber when she talks about the magic card and I laugh alone :)

Ps: I forgot to say (in the case that you don't know) ... I LOVE SHOPPING!!!!

by Carli *

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