How to Wear Spring's Rainbow Nail Colors


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I was looking for some fashion articles in the website, when I found this one about nail polishes. 

"Rainbow bright nail colors are fun to look at - and intimidating to try on. But thanks to a few key tips from Ji Baek, the owner of Rescue Beauty Lounge in N.Y.C., even the most shocking enamels can become wearable everyday accents. "Think of nail polish as an accessory, like a chunky necklace or a gorgeous handbag," Baek says. "You can make a statement without being flashy." So step away from the sheer pink and embrace the color storm, one shade at a time."

"Yellow nail polish looks amazing with khaki and safari colors," Baek says, dubbing the look "army girl chic." 

"If you're wearing lilac polish, you have to wear leather," Baek says. "The leather adds a hint of irony to a prim shade. Lilac softens the hard edge of the leather." 

"Hot pink looks cute with an all-black outfit," says Baek. "Avoid the impulse to pair it with bright patterns or florals. Your look gets too busy." 

"Look, not everyone is going to wear blue toes. If your comfort level is sheer pink, this is the shade for you," Baek says of the milky iridescent tone. "It's a beautiful safety zone color." 

"Orange is a tough shade to wear, but it's everywhere this year. Try it with a white T-shirt and jeans or any other crisp clean outfit," Baek says. 

"This is a very feminine color so pair it with a deep chocolate brown or an edgy gray," Baek says. "All the pastels colors look great with a punk rock twist."

 "Wear blue polish with all white," Baek says. "It's fresh and summery."

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