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The Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart combo is being reiterated as something perfect. The love birds have raked in billions of dollars for the Hollywood film industry. And why shouldn’t that be? The vampire saga is loved by tons of fans, who are following the movie series eagerly.

Robert-Pattinson-and-Kristen-Stewart2You’ll realize that Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart are not just random stars cum couple, who love cigarettes, hate pizzas and date more often. Call it luck, fate or onscreen chemistry, people just love these young actors.

The Vampire+Human love story is now being opted by HBO in the form of “Edward and Bella” season. Although, the name isn’t final yet, but it is confirmed that the season will be out there somewhere soon.

According to quarterly reports, Twilight series alone, gained $7 billion. All that money was warmly welcomed by the Hollywood economy. Out of that $7 billion, $2 billion came from the first installment of Twilight two years ago.

But that’s not all: it looks like the famous Twilight Spoof film: “Vampires Suck”, is also following the same track. It is a contemporary tail of teen love issues and vampires. Don’t miss it because “Vampires Suck” is a surefire way of laughing your guts out.
robert pattinson kristen photo
robert pattinson kristen
robert pattinson kristen
robert pattinson kristen

robert pattinson

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