Kardashian Sisters Hot Photos

Socialite Kim Kardashian and her little sister Kendall Jenner seen arriving at the Boa Steakhouse Restaurant for a Father's Day dinner with the rest of the family.
Earlier this year, Kendall Jenner, the 14-year-old daughter of reality personalities Bruce and Kris Jenner, made her modeling debut in a campaign for Forever 21 and a series of saucy (read: Controversial) bikini shots. Now the Littliest Jenner, Kylie, is making a splash of her own in the land of fashion.
The KARDASHIAN family was out in full force today, as they did a little shopping and filming in Beverly Hills while supporting KIM KARDASHIANS's 'Dancing with the Stars' team. Getting the word out to vote for KIM and her dance partner Mark Ballas, the family all sported personalized t-shirts inked with bold 'Vote for Kim' and 'Team Kardashian' phrases.
So here I am, reviewing the Kardashians for the second week in a row. Last week, the Kardashian drama felt authentic (enough) to warrant watching another episode. So the warring clan found themselves in Colorado for skiing. Things don’t get off to a great start, as Kim immediately hops online to talk to Reggie Bush, her boyfriend, as opposed to spending time with her family. Things devolve pretty quickly as Bruce gets tired of Kim sitting in a room with everyone, and texting someone else. So Kris throws Kim’s sidekick over her head, and Kim responds by doing the same. The family tries to make up, but Kim just isn’t having it. (Continuity issue: based on clothes and hair and such, the Sidekick incident happens right after they get to the cabin, and before the skiing begins, though E! cut it to look different.)
Kim bails on a family dog sledding experience because she just doesn’t want to deal with it anymore. On the advice of Reggie, she then actually leaves the cabin and goes home. And leaves a note on the bed. In a day of cell phones and emails, that feels a bit over-dramatic, but again, this is reality TV. Kim got a contrite voicemail from Khloe which genuinely seemed to move her, and she returned. And things got better. I don’t know. I felt it. I hate myself for enjoying this episode as well.
Bruce is going through a midlife crisis. I really can’t tell how much of this is authentic, because I really do believe he is in the midst of his crisis, and how much of this is enhanced by the producers. Either way, he ends up inviting the ski instructors over for pizza and beer.
A bizarre family vacation, I know. Part of me also feels that this whole thing would’ve been fine without family members saying “this is so not like him” every couple minutes. I will admit, Kris and Bruce have been more endearing together during this period than when Bruce really is doing nothing else other than sitting around, waiting to comment on the girls.

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