Katy Perry Hair Styles

Katy Perry is definitely not feeling hot and cold over Bumble and Bumble’s Black Hair Powder ($35 for 4 oz). She tells Vanity Fair that the dry shampoo is a staple in her beauty regimen. It’s always nice to know that even celebs with loads of stylists in their entourage use short cuts!At the 2011 Grammy Awards tonight, celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey gave Katy Perry an angelic, sparkly and ethereal “Disco Angel” look to go with her Armani Prive dress.Spotted with electric blue hair and bright yellow nails, Katy Perry is looking good at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Although I’m not a fan of the blue hair, her eyeliner and eyebrows look perfect! Read on to find out what makeup artist Jake Bailey used on Katy.Rihanna was not the only one to bring out the bling at the the 2010 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards held in LA last Saturday. Katy Perry also dazzled in a multi-color dress by The Blonds, Christian Louboutin wedges, bubblegum makeup and some seriously blinged-up nails! Love it? Hate it? Share your thoughts!

For someone who grew up listening to nothing but gospel music, Katy Perry certainly knew how make her move in the world of pop! Known for her saucy lyrics, unique fashion choices and for being the girl who brought comedian Russell Brand's less-than-monogamous lifestyle to a screeching halt (the two are engaged to be married), Katy Perry's hair has also become something of a talking point - it's been long, short, blonde and... blue? (That may have been a wig.) With her next album due out in less than two months' time, we can expect to be seeing a lot more of Miss Perry, but for now, here's a gallery of photos devoted to her gorgeous hair.

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