Madonna 80's Photos

After the second world war was over and 1960's came to an end, the 1970's served as a time of meeting the goals of women. Many women were able to gain rights during the 1970's such as Switzerland and Portugal allowing women to vote. Previous fashion trends such as miniskirts, long strait hair, and bell bottom dresses were still popular during this decade. A new type of fabric, polyester, was introduced and greatly favored for the continuing trends. Blue denim jeans had also become one of the must-have items in a wardrobe of 1970s. Three types of skirts were created during this decade: mini-hemline well above the knee/ midi-hemline at mid calves/ maxi-long, dragging, flowing skirts similar to the early 1900s. Throughout this time, films and television such as "Saturday Night Fever" and "Annie Hall" influenced how people dressed. The late 1970's fashion became heavily reflected upon Disco and Rock 'n' Roll music. These influences grew new fashion themes such as the hippie look (who promote peace and equality) and the women punk look (radical and dark looks that usually express pain or misery). These looks were mostly popular in the United States but gradually spread to other regions of the world after couple of years.
During the next decade of 1980's, nations in Africa such as Namibia, and Iraq, a Middle East nation granted women the rights to vote. The majority of the world had now accepted women to be equal in the societies and the roles they played had become more diverse and dynamic.
Much as the roles of women became various, fashion during this decade became very prosperous, various, and influential to different industries such as music. The diva pop sensation Madonna became the icon of the 80's till now as she began singing 'Like A Virgin' in underwear inspired clothes that were shocking to most people. .
The music channel 'MTV' showed different artists with captivating songs and clothing. Much of the audience were of the younger generation who tended to follow the latests trends to be 'cool.' The 80's was the 'boom' of fashion as all kinds of clothing items were made. From movie inspired ripped shirts to adding 'bling' accessories, to the newly introduced acid washed jeans
Male and female began to share similar fashion trends such as wearing jeans which helped the girls to be more active in school as public schools were opened to both girls and boys who were equally educated.
Teens tried to imitate their pop idols such as Michael Jackson, wearing streaked jeans, shoulder pads, earrings, or fingerless gloves. Shades were very popular accessories even worn at night along with tattoos

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