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ou know that you are getting old if your age mates start to get toyboys. Just a decade ago Christina Aguilera was one of the bright young things making their way into the entertainment industry. Britney Spears and Justine Timberlake were her contemporaries. Now marriage and children mean that any younger boyfriend is automatically deemed to be a toyboy. The singer does not think that this is a negative thing and in fact delights in the fact that her relationship has “no drama”. At the end of her marriage, Christina Aguilera allowed her boyfriend to move into her Hollywood home. Some people thought that the waiting period was rather short.
Nevertheless we have to recognize that this is no merry widow but a young woman that still wants to enjoy her life despite the occasional problems that she might be faced with. Matt Rutler is the twenty five year old production assistant that is the lucky enough to be dating one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry.
When you hear references to “toyboy” you might think that this is a “cougar” waiting to pounce on the next young man. Christina Aguilera is not yet forty. In any case Demi Moore has been dating Kutchner with no complaint. The new relationship seems to have given the singer a new lease of life. She is always smiling and there is plenty of scope for her to enjoy the fruits of her labor without worrying about the bed hopping that happens in Hollywood. There was a time when Christina was the settled one while the “virgin” Britney Spears was going off the rail. Her divorce came as a bit of surprise but she seems to have moved on to a stable relationship. There has been plenty of drama for the singer. In March she was arrested for public intoxication and her boyfriend was booked for driving whilst under the influence.
Christina Aguilera had a family dinner night out with her baby son Max who is now 7 months old and husbby Jordan Bratman. She was sweet enough to take some time out to stop and sign a few autographs for some of her fans in Manhattan, New York City on Monday.

Max is so adorable and I did notice that he is not covered in red lipstick kisses so the lip gloss she is wearing must be the reason why! There is no way she wouldn’t be giving him sweet lil kisses so the sensible gloss is the perfect solution…
The voice is still there and she is capable of belting out “Lady Marmalade” on cue. This is a contrast from the deeply embarrassing episode at the Super Bowl XLV when she seems to forget the lyrics to the national anthem. The conservatives were outraged that she was even invited to sing at the event. She retorted by asking her fans not to “worry about the words”. Her mentoring role is designed to help her wards Frenchie Davis, Beverly McClellan, Lily Elise and Raquel Castro.
The A-list star had been reeling with film and music flops that added pressure to her collapsing marriage. Her new lover was blamed for bringing out a destructive streak that had not been seen before. The thirty year old is up in the publicity stakes with a mentor role on “The Voice”, a show that is making the headlines on NBC.
In the end Rutler was found to be below the limit and therefore not subject to DUI charges. Christina Aguilera credits him with helping her to turn things around. He also gets on very well with her three year old son Max. The NBC show that she is working on has seen some great viewing figures right up to twelve million in April.

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