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According to the Vatan, Rihanna is a personal friend of hotel owner Yilmaz Bektas’ wife, Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, the winner of Miss Universe 2006.

Some sources have claimed that Rihanna will be joined by singer Justin Timberlake in a free concert that will celebrate the construction of two hotels in Kyrenia. Timberlake will be paid $2 million; Rihanna will get half that amount.

There seems to be a bit of debate going on regarding the bra size our beloved Rihanna. And while its not exactly a huge story, its definitely worth blogging about.

So, one side says that her cup size is B and the other folks say shes a C cup...

And while we could chase our tails all night trying to decide for sure, let me be the first to say that Rihanna's bra size is a full 34B. Right to
Last month Jennifer Lopez canceled her performance at the opening of Cratos hotel following pressure and criticism. Her concert was scheduled for July 24, a few days after the anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. Her publicist was quoted as saying, “Jennifer Lopez would never knowingly support any state, country, institution, or regime that was associated with any form of human rights abuse.”

Cyprus became divided after the Turkish invasion in 1974. Turkey is the only country that recognizes the northern portion as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

There are hardly any efforts now to do targetted email & phone campaigns now. This costs no money, and very little time.

I had called up Senator John Coryn's office. They told me that currently immigration bills are going nowhere. The Senator still has plans to introduce SKILL bill, but exactly when that will happen is not certain.

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