Taylor Momsen Style and Clothes

So if I was her mother, I'm not sure I would be toooootally comfortable with all the short skirts, thigh high tights, and raccoon eyeliner... but I can't deny that Taylor is darling and has a killer body. Still just 16 and super young, she is one to watch and definitely has a sense of style. Although I am sure getting dressed in all the top designers on the set of Gossip Girl everyday day has certainly nudged her in the right direction. She has kind of picked up where MK and A left off back in 03' when they were attending NYU with the whole "shlepped together/rolled out of bed" look. Here are some of my favorite ensembles.
Taylor Michel Momsen, made famous by the teen sitcom Gossip Girl where she plays the role of a confused teen Jenny Humphrey. Before this role she too role of Cindy Lou in the Christmas movie 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas, also played Alexander in Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams just to highlight a few. Only 17 years old (born July 26, 1992), Taylor Momsen does not give Hollywood spotlight a break. She is also front girl of a rock band The Pretty Reckless also in June 2008, at the age of fourteen, Momsen signed to IMG models.
Fashion is all about being true to yourself and taking risks with whatever it is you have working with. Taylor, being the young energetic rockstar she is pushes Fashion to the limit to a point where some people can;t stand her. Then again that's it, she's just being true to yourself so that makes her a great catch.

So she is a rebellious teenager filled with energy and like Agyness Deyn she is a punk princess. Her choices of outfits are not always ones wearable to normal people. She's one of fashion's most provocative non-conformists and it'll last her name.

Remember The Sex Pistol's Johnnie and Vivienne Westwood back in the 70's?? Don't dress for people, dress for yourself and they'll forever love for being so special. Simple, does what society expects her not to do. She's thinks outside the box and simply lives with no limits. Watch her!
Lately, she’s obsessed with patterned tights. Almost all of her recent candid photos have her wearing various pairs – from rosettes to faux garter belt patterns, she’s tried them all!
· She is always wearing black. It’s definitely been her color of choice over the past year. It’s rare that one of her outfits won’t include the color somewhere! And if they don’t include black, they probably have grey. Taylor is definitely a fan of monochrome.
· Taylor loves bad-girl details – studs, silver sequins, rips, chains; you name it, she’ll wear it. This girl never plays it safe with her accessories.

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