Katie Holmes Short and Long Hair styles

Katie Holmes Bob Hairstyles
Nobody can deny that bob hairstyle is one of the most dramatic and stunning hairstyles, which can change the entire persona of the wearer. Yes, Katie Holmes is the classic example of how her entire look got changed when she shed her long tresses in favor of short bob haircut styles. Right from that day onward, Katie Holmes has never looked back to long hairstyles and for many youngsters, it is difficult to imagine Katie Holmes without a bob haircut style

Katie Holmes attends to her flying hair while leaving her home for a performance of Arthur Miller’s play, All My Sons on Sunday.

The 29-year-old actress has been fully supported by her friends and family during her Broadway debut. Victoria Beckham recently said, “We can’t wait to come support Katie. Her husband Tom Cruise says she’s amazing, the reviews have been amazing! We’re so proud of her!” Opening night is days away!

Katie Holmes has beautiful brown hair and that is the color she is known for. She is a brunette that wears the color well and it looks gorgeous on her. Katie Holmes has went through several shades of brown when it came to her hair, such as chocolate brown, back in 2007 when her hair was longer.

She has also has worn her brunette look with a golden highlight as well as a darker shade of brown, which sometimes made it appear she had black hair. Katie has always worn her hair in the brown shade. It has ranged from a light brown at one time to the darkest brown and has never been worn in any other color, unless she was sporting a colored wig for maybe a movie.

The brunette is a very becoming color on Katie Holmes as it compliments her skin tone and eye color of which is hazel. In her recent movie, “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark,” Katie Holmes wore her brown hair in a short bob like fashion. This brown hair style was a more casual look and compliments her face well.
If Katie Holmes wore her hair any other way, she would not be Katie Holmes to us. We all know and love Katie by her beautiful shiny brunette look that has made her an icon in today’s movies as well as earlier TV shows. Her shiny chocolate colored hair still remains the same color no matter what the season is and her recent hair cut, which is of a short bob, looks amazing on her. Her hair always seems to glisten in the sunlight, showing off that natural, glossy, chocolate brown hair that we have all become to love.

You can copy her hair color, by visiting your salon, and asking for a medium to medium dark brown color. Taking a photo with you will also give your stylist a better idea of what you are looking for.

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