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In a piece today on the Dark Horizons website talking about the "Zombieland" screenwriters being tapped to pen Marvel's upcoming "Deadpool" spin-off movie, this passage (naturally) caught my eye:

"Ryan Reynolds, who played the wisecracking mercenary character in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' and is slated to reprise it, has a window in his schedule after wrapping Martin Campbell's 'Green Lantern' this summer. Reynolds has been bulking up to play the DC Comics hero, thus he would already be in shape to play the Marvel anti-hero if the script is ready by the summer."

It should have occurred to me a long time ago that the perpetually physically fit fella would be upping his workout regimen to play Hal Jordan, but for some reason, it didn't. So thanks go to Dark Horizons for giving me a reason to think about Ryan, talk about Ryan and Google image search Ryan.

Let me tell you all, a true story, that happened to me back in the days concerning Ryan Reynolds.

Now he is a "Movie Star" but when I knew him he was just my humble gardener, who chopped

wood for my fire...it was part of the job requirement that he was semi-naked as being semi-naked

helps you to chop wood better and faster according to well... my studies. Look at the perspiration

dripping down his taut stomach muscles....I use to mop that up with my tongue.....ohh is that too

much information? Sorry! But before I continue, does anyone here know how to pick locks? The

reason I ask is because I have chained Ryan up in my *love* dungeon and I can't find the keys.

It's not dirty or disgusting, his progression from gardener to sex slave happened in a completely

natural and organic way, but back to the key issue don't worry if you can't I,m in no hurry to

release him...but could someone please pass on this message to his family "Don't worry, Ryan

is alive, being fed,watered,having daily *sponge baths* and is being looked after very very well" Thanks.

There’s no doubt that one of Hollywood’s most talked about bodies is that of Van Wilder and Blade Trinity Star Ryan Reynolds. The transformation he took back in 2003-2004 to prepare for his upcoming role in Blade Trinity was nothing short of impressive. Not only did he gain 20 solid pounds of muscle, but shed his body fat from 11% to just 3%. So how did he do it? What were his workout secrets? What kind of diet regimen did he follow? In Ryan Reynolds very own words he explains his tips for sculpting his six-pack and putting on some serious mass in the five months before shooting.

The question has come up a lot, so I'm gonna give you the detailed version. The first time I lifted a barbell for BLADE was the end of July, 2003. I had to be ready to go by mid December, however when we shot the scenes in question it was January, 2004, so, basically, 5 months.

DIET: I ate something pretty much every 2-3 hours, never "stuffing" myself, but never letting myself get hungry. Tons of water throughout the day... BREAKFAST: 1/2 cup egg whites and 2 eggs. Oatmeal - no sugar, a *protein bar 2-3 hours later. (the best oatmeal is this stuff called McCann's Steel Cut Oatmeal.

Ry did a great job, finishing the lengthy race in just 3 hours and 50 minutes.

The newlywed, who married longtime love Scarlett Johansson last month, ran for Michael J. Fox’s team , in honor of his father, Jim, who has lived with Parkinson’s Disease for the past 15 years.

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