Kelly Osbourne Loss Weight PHotos

The recently slimmed-down Kelly Osbourne was spotted out and about in West Hollywood last night…
She’s looking great these days! Here is a before-and-after of her weight loss that I put together:
It looks like she’s lost a decent amount of weight overall, but mostly in her midsection/waist area, waist and legs.

More new photos after the jump!

Kelly Osbourne has launched an attack on Peaches Geldof after she got wed to Max Drummey. Osborne said that the wedding was a cry for help by 19 year-old Geldof.
Kelly Osbourne has gone through a stunning metamorphosis, from spoiled rock and roll spawn to stunning woman. She was a hit at New York Fashion Week, where she debuted a new look. Now she reveals how she slimmed down.

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