Amir Khan gets engaged at £150k party photos

Amir Khan showed off his fiance this week after announcing his engagement to Faryal Makhdoom. Khan gave his fiance a £100k platinum ring with 3 huge diamonds. Khans fiance who is from New York admitted she will have to get used to the northern accents.

‘I was used to London accents and thought that’s how everyone spoke in Britain,’ she told the Sun last week.

‘But when Amir opened his mouth it was completely different. ‘It was like he was speaking in a foreign tongue — so I just used to nod, agree with whatever he was talking about and say, ‘Yeah’.

‘He’d say things like “daft” and “innit” and I had no idea what they meant. He’d say, “Don’t be daft!” – and I’d be wondering what daft was supposed to be!’

She admitted that she never wants to see her future husband fight.

After the party Amir tweeted: ‘Amazing day, I’m so tired and my fiance faryal looked so beautiful and was very patient, everyone loved it, I love my ring faryal got me x’ (sic)

Khan is waiting to see if he will be offered a rematch with Peterson and also has ambitions to fight Mayweather.

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